The Icettes Figure Skating Team is a district-wide varsity sport in School District 196. The sport has been part of the high school co-curricular program since 1976. The sport began with individual high school teams for Rosemount and Apple Valley High Schools. As the school district grew, the teams were merged with students from all the high schools combined on one team. The team now represents four high schools: Rosemount High School, Apple Valley High School, Eagan High School and Eastview High School. The team also has a gifted athlete program for middle school students in the school district. The season runs from late November through the middle of March.

During the first half of the season the team focuses on competition. The team members represent their team in individual events and they also compete as a team in synchronized skating.

The second half of the season is spent preparing for and producing the annual Ice Show which is held at Apple Valley Sports Arena in March. The show provides the skaters with the opportunity to perform for the community.

The program presents a unique opportunity for District 196 students as it allows skaters of all levels to participate and earn a varsity letter. In addition to earning a varsity letter, students have the opportunity to make friendships with students from other high schools in the district. These friendships unite this team together.